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Moving Tips

  • Before packing each box, line the bottom with a few inches of bubble wrap or waddedpaper for cushioning.
  • Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap.
  • Place large, heavy items on bottom, and light, more fragile items on top.
  • Plates, books, and items of similar shape should be loaded vertically to utilize their own maximum structural strength.
  • Don’t overload cartons - keep them to a manageable weight.
  • Fill in any spaces and top off loaded cartons with bubble wrap or clean wadded paper.
  • Close carton securely and apply 3 strips of 2" wide packaging tape to avoid shifting while en route.
  • Clearly mark the room the carton should go to as well as the contents in each box.
  • Use "Fragile" labels on boxes containing delicate items and "This End Up" where appropriate.